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Something Different For Fall Front Door Decor

Life has intervened and I haven’t been able to blog in about nine months. I am not sure if I will continue to publish. But I decided to dip my toe back into the blogasphere by republishing some of my most liked fall offerings. I hope you enjoy this post on fall front porch decorating.

This year I wanted to do Something Different For my Fall Front Door Decor. Over the years I feel like I have employed every possible combination of mums and pumpkins known to man or, more likely, to woman. And I didn’t want to go in for corn stalks and bales of hay because let’s face it; this ain’t exactly Green Acres. If you read my blog, you may know that I used sunflowers in the fall decorations I created for my screen porch this year. So, because I thought it might be nice to have continuity between the two outdoor spaces, I decided to include sunflowers in my Fall Front Door Decor as well.

Since our house is elevated from the road, I like to incorporate some vertical elements to my front door design. This helps to balance out the two-story height of the porch roof and keeps the plants and other decor items from looking disproportionately small in comparison. Also, taller decor items are more visible from the road. Initially, I thought about using multiple large faux sunflower stems “planted” together in pots.  However, I discarded this idea when I realized how many flowers it would take to be substantial enough. This was when I came up with the notion of using garden obelisks to display the sunflowers, as well as other autumn foliage and decoration.

Of course, I had something very specific in mind which proved difficult to find. Don’t you hate it when you imagine the perfect thing and then you realize that it doesn’t exist anywhere but in your head? Well, I had begun to believe that these obelisks only lived in my dreams when I finally found exactly what I had been looking for on Etsy. These sturdy wooden garden obelisks are made right here in North Carolina and were much less expensive than many other options I had considered.  I had to put them together when they arrived but assembling them was not difficult. They were unfinished, so I chose to paint them black to coordinate with the shutters on my house. They also had decorative galvanized tin caps which I sprayed with Hammered Antique Bronze Rustoleum paint.

Decorative tin cap on a garden obelisk --Something Different For Fall Front Door Decor

Once the paint dried on the obelisks, I wrapped them with faux grapevine garlands I purchased on sale from Michaels. Sunflowers, sprigs of Fall leaves, berries, small white pumpkins, and pine cones from my yard add the color and interest to the structures.

Sunflowers and white pumpkins adorn a garden obelisk --Something Different For Fall Front Door Decor

Garden obelisk decorated for Fall --Something Different For Fall Front Door Decor

After the obelisks were completed, I stationed them on either side of my front door. I then added terracotta planters topped with stacks of white and green pumpkins to enhance the arrangement (see last year’s Fall Front Door post, On Board With The Gourd, for tips on how to preserve your pumpkins throughout the season). Bright and cheery daisy mums rounded out the design.

Stack of pumpkins on a terracotta planter --Something Different For Fall Front Door Decor

White and yellow daisy mums --Something Different For Fall Front Door Decor
White and yellow daisy mums in a black pot tie into the color scheme of the Fall front door design.

Garden obelisk, pumpkins and mums --Something Different For Fall Front Door Decor

The final touch to my Fall Front Door Decor was a coordinating wreath decorated with the same sunflowers, white pumpkins, and pine cones that adorn the obelisks.

Front door wreath with sunflowers matches the obelisks --Something Different For Fall Front Door Decor

Sunflower themed fall decorations --Something Different For Fall Front Door Decor
The height of the obelisks, the yellow sunflowers, and the bright white of the pumpkins and the mums make an eye-catching display that can be easily seen from the road.
Fall decorations welcome guests to our home --Something Different For Fall Front Door Decor
I probably should prune the shrubs around my front door, but the green in my Fall decor does tie the front door in with the greenery of the landscaping.

Garden obelisk creates height and interest --Something Different For Fall Front Door Decor

Fall front door decor --Something Different For Fall Front Door Decor

I am pleased with the way my Something Different For Fall Front Door Decor turned out. I think that the obelisks were a good investment because they can be reworked for other seasons. The pumpkins and sunflowers can be removed to make way for Christmas ornaments and lights or daffodils and tulips for Spring. And, when I get tired of using them on the front porch, I can place them in the garden and actually use them for their original purpose by growing climbing roses on them.

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41 thoughts on “Something Different For Fall Front Door Decor

  1. Wow. Just lovely. I don’t even know that you need to prune the shrubs, I think they add to an overall look of lushness that the front porch has going right now.

  2. I just love this! What a great idea to use the oblisks as a way to give your Fall decorations height so they can be seen better from the street level!

    I’d like to invite you to share this at the Farmhouse Friday link party. The party kicks off every Thursday evening at 6pm PST. When you link up, I will share it with a direct link back to your post on all my social media, including on the DIY Farmhouse Style Facebook group, which has over 244,000+ members. I hope to see you there! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment about my Fall Front Porch. Thanks for the invite to your Farmhouse Friday link party. I will be pleased to link up!

  3. Your porch is so creative and so lovely! I feel you when you say you often imagine something before knowing if it actually exists – I can’t tell you the number of times I have not found what I imagine. Luckily, you did! And you really made it work so well in your porch decor. Just lovely.

  4. Love this, so creative! I have a tiny front porch and always struggle with changing the decor from season to season. Thanks for the ideas!

  5. Love the obelisks and the stacked pumpkins. It wouldn’t be Autumn without mums. I have some old tomato cages. Wonder if I could something with them like your pretty obelisks. !!! Happy Monday! Happy Fall!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I definitely think you could use tomato cages to do something similar.

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