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“The Nightmare Before Christmas” Halloween Decorations

If you follow me you will have noted that I haven’t published anything in almost a year. I have taken time off blogging to focus on family matters. However, I am thinking about returning to the blogosphere on a limited basis. Maybe I’ll start by posting once a month. To that end, I thought I’d… Continue reading “The Nightmare Before Christmas” Halloween Decorations

Floral Arrangements · Party/Tablescapes

Fall Harvest Tablescape

According to the calendar, it’s October. Unfortunately, it doesn’t feel the least little bit like fall in North Carolina this year. The thermostat hasn’t dropped below the mid-eighties, and the leaves are firmly clinging to their branches with no change of color in sight. However, even though Mother Nature hasn’t gotten the memo, autumn is upon… Continue reading Fall Harvest Tablescape

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An Impromptu Outdoor Dining Table For Two

The weather here has been utterly oppressive with back to back days in the mid-nineties for the last several weeks. However, a front came through last night and gifted us with a beautiful sunny day with low humidity and a relatively mild high of 85°. In celebration of this unexpected but much-appreciated weather, I decided to… Continue reading An Impromptu Outdoor Dining Table For Two


A Week Of Summer Dinner Ideas

Coming up with something to cook for dinner, shopping for the ingredients, and preparing a well-balanced, delicious meal night after night can become a bit of a drag. Add to that the disincentive of standing in front of a hot stove when the weather is in the 90’s, and visions of take-out menus begin to… Continue reading A Week Of Summer Dinner Ideas

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Summer Flower Planters On The Deck

May is the perfect time for alfresco dining in the Carolinas. The trees have completely leafed out, so the thick layer of sneeze-inducing pollen that covers absolutely everything in the Spring finally can be washed away. And the mornings and evenings are generally cool enough to sit outside without melting into a sweaty puddle. With… Continue reading Summer Flower Planters On The Deck