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“Off The Tee” Easy Father’s Day Cupcakes

Father’s Day is next weekend, and so begins my mad scramble to figure out what to do for my dad and my husband. Both are avid golfers, so I thought I’d make some golf-themed cupcakes this year. This is not my first go-round creating such golfing goodies. Many years ago, I made a giant golf ball cake for my Dad’s birthday.

Giant golf ball birthday cake --Off The Tee Easy Father's Day Cupcakes
Giant golf ball birthday cake

It was a fun cake to make but icing the giant golf ball and creating the dimples all over the surface was pretty time-consuming. This time I wanted to make something equally as cute but much quicker and easier to accomplish. So, with this in mind, I came up with the idea of making “Off The Tee” Easy Father’s Day Cupcakes decorated with green grass, colorful golf tees, and powdered-sugar donut hole “golf balls.”

Off The Tee Easy Father's Day Cupcakes

To save time, I decided to use a mix. I like Duncan Hines because I think their Classic Yellow Deliciously Moist Cake tastes particularly good for a box cake and is indeed quite moist.

Once I prepared the batter, I baked them off in these Wilton grass cupcake liners, but plain green cupcake papers would do just as well.

Also, to save time, I chose to use store-bought frosting. I placed a can of Duncan Hines Creamy Homestyle Classic Vanilla Frosting in my mixer bowl and added a bit of Wilton Gel Food Coloring in Leaf Green. I felt that the resulting color was a bit too yellow, so I added a tiny bit of Royal Blue coloring to achieve an appropriate grass color. Using a small offset spatula, I covered the fully cooled cupcakes with a thin layer of icing so that the cake would not be visible through the piped grass icing.

Prepared Off The Tee Cupcake before the grass is piped on --Off The Tee Easy Father's Day Cupcakes
Spreading a thin layer of green icing prevents the cake from being visible through the piped grass.

I then filled a disposable icing bag, fitted with a Wilton #233 icing tip, with the rest of the tinted frosting (bag should be about half-full).

#233 Piping Tip for making grass or fur on cupcakes --Off The Tee Easy Father's Day Cupcakes
Use a #233 Piping Tip for making grass or fur on cupcakes.

As long as your icing is a medium-firm consistency (put the icing bag in the refrigerator for a few minutes if it needs firming up), piping grass with this tip is one of the simplest cake decorating techniques to master. All you have to do is hold the bag at 90 ° straight up and squeeze the piping bag to form multiple blades of grass. Pull up and away when the grass icing strands are long enough (about 1/2 inch); stop the pressure and pull the tip away.

First row of piped grass around the edge of the cupcake --Off The Tee Easy Father's Day Cupcakes
I like to start piping the grass around the edge of the cupcake, working towards the center.

Check out this excellent YouTube Tutorial to see the technique demonstrated. If piping isn’t your thing, you can easily tint coconut with green food coloring and just sprinkle it on top of your green icing to make grass.

First row of grass on golf-themed cupcake --Off The Tee Easy Father's Day Cupcakes

Grass covered cupcake --Off The Tee Easy Father's Day Cupcakes
Grass covered cupcake

After completing all the grass, I just pushed a 3¼” wooden golf tee into the center of the cupcake. I then used a dab of frosting to adhere a powdered sugar donut hole to the top of the tee. You might have to push down and hold it there for a minute or two to get it to stick.

Donut hole "golf ball" placed on top of a colored wooden tee --Off The Tee Easy Father's Day Cupcakes
A donut hole “golf ball” sits atop a colored wooden tee just waiting for your day to approach the ball.

Off The Tee Easy Father's Day Cupcakes

I think they turned out pretty cute, and I think that any golfing dad would be very interested in hitting these “Off The Tee” Easy Father’s Day Cupcakes.

"Off The Tee" Easy Father's Day Cupcakes

Off The Tee Easy Father's Day Cupcakes
To view more of my cakes and cookies, see the Cake Gallery.

Happy Father’s Day!

(Note: I am not affiliated with any of the websites or companies I mentioned in this post.)

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10 thoughts on ““Off The Tee” Easy Father’s Day Cupcakes

  1. Lisa
    This is a fun idea and I love your short cuts. It’s nice to have options. You have definitely given me some ideas to make some fun treats.

  2. Wow, what a cute idea! Will definitely be stealing this for my golfing dad!
    Happy Fathers’ Day to the fathers in your life!

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