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Continued Craziness And Something New

I am still hip-deep in boxes. Trying to move your stuff out of most of the rooms in your house, without actually moving it out of the house entirely, is like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube. Unfortunately, I am not any better at “Rubik’s Cube Home Edition” than I was at the actual game. I expected this to be easier, because three years ago when my youngest daughter left for college, I embarked on a purging and organizing project I affectionately called Bin Therapy. Bin therapy was a strategy that I came up with to corral like items and store them in a somewhat organized manner in labeled storage containers. It was supposed to help me get over my empty nest blues and get rid of all of the junk that had mysteriously accumulated in every drawer and closet in my home during the years I was raising my kids. I am entirely convinced that we have gremlins, or alternatively, things spontaneously generate in my drawers and closets when I’m not looking. There are no other viable explanations for all the additional stuff that I have found crammed into every nook and cranny of my home. I am certain that my shopping addiction has absolutely nothing to do with it. Nevertheless, I am beginning to think it’s a good thing that I have to clean out all these spaces now because otherwise, I might find myself on “Hoarders: Buried Alive.”

Anyway, enough with my packing rant. The real purpose of this post is to share some exciting news. I am thrilled to have been invited to join a group of four other fabulous women bloggers as a co-host of a weekly link party called Share Your Style.

I highly recommend that you check out the other co-host’s particular style on their blogs. Barbara’s home of inspired living is featured on 21 Rosemary Lane. Her post about her use of turquoise in her Christmas dining room was especially interesting to me. I have some antique turquoise Nipon plates that belonged to my mother’s aunt that I have never known what to do with and her post gave me some great ideas about how to use them in the future. Lynn’s blog, The Vintage Nest, celebrates beautiful objects of the past. I found Lynn’s info on how to bleach pine cones truly useful because we have more pine cones than I know what to do with and I love to use them in my holiday decorating. Kelly’s The Essence of Home shares cottage style inspiration. She recently blogged about her lovely cottage-style family room. Her monochromatic scheme is very different from my home’s decor but I love it, and I totally covet her chandelier. The other new co-host, Marie-Hélène shows how she finds abundance in simplicity on her blog, Kingsbury Brook Farm. Her plans for her 5-year-old son’s big boy room are adorable and reminded me of my previous post called Decorating Children’s Rooms for Fun and Therapy.  I am sure you will find that each one of these blogs is chocked full of unique and creative posts that will interest and inspire you.

The way the Share Your Style Party works is that every week, one of the co-hosts will invite interested bloggers to submit their best home-oriented lifestyle posts to our online party. This is great news for my readers because, in addition to getting to know the Share Your Style co-hosts, by just visiting my blog on Thursdays you will have access to tons of other creative home-oriented lifestyle posts all in one place. I hope that you will enjoy having this opportunity to sample all the Share Your Style party offerings. Party On!


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  1. The link party sounds like a great way for women in the home/lifestyle blogging community to get together and share ideas– looking forward to it! Keep fighting the good fight against the closet gremlins!

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