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How To Set A Fresh Fun Farmhouse Easter Table With A Bit Of Gingham

Recently, because I have absolutely no patience to wait for grass to grow, I made a quick and easy Live Grass Centerpiece For Spring.

Quick and easy live grass centerpiece --How To Set A Fresh Fun Farmhouse Easter Table

The affordability and immediate gratification of this project were right up my alley. I love the way it turned out so much; I thought I’d build this year’s Easter table around it. I think the galvanized basket and natural look of the Narcissus nestled in among the grasses, give the centerpiece a simple farmhouse look. So, this got me thinking about what else I could include in a farmhouse tablescape. Ever since I saw quintessential-farm-girl, Dorothy Gale, in that blue gingham dress in The Wizard of Oz, nothing says “country” to me more than gingham. With this in mind, I decided to use the simple plaid pattern and my live grass centerpiece to set a Fresh Fun Farmhouse Easter Table.

You can tell by the design of my blog that I am a big fan of gingham, but I’ve noticed that gingham is particularly hot for Spring this year. Pottery Barn, Martha StewartWilliams Sonoma, and Sur La Table are all featuring checkered plates in their Easter collections. I already had these fabulous Rooster gingham-bordered plates, but I hesitated to use them on my Easter table because they are black.

Queen’s Rooster (black)

While black may be chic for a cocktail dress, it doesn’t exactly scream Easter, which is typically associated with pastels or bright candy-colored hues. However, since my breakfast room decor includes a lot of black elements, I figured the black gingham tableware would tie in with the room. I also thought the black plates would work for Easter if I combined them with a bright Spring green. After looking around quite a bit for something to go with the black gingham plates, I ultimately bought these green gingham salad plates at Michaels, which incidentally, were a fraction of the cost of some of the others I had identified.

Green gingham salad plate --How To Set A Fresh Fun Farmhouse Easter Table
Ashland Easter Collection green gingham salad plate

I like the decorative scalloped edge, and I think that the larger scale of the gingham mixes well with the smaller-scale pattern on the black dinner plates.

I decided to forgo a tablecloth or placemats. Instead, I used cream charger plates as the foundation for my plate stack because I liked the look of the warm wood tabletop as a backdrop for the cooler green, cream, and black colors of the tablescape.

Green and black gingham plates --How To Set A Fresh Fun Farmhouse Easter Table

For more farmhouse charm, I placed preserved boxwood wreaths and cute black hen egg cups on top of the salad plates.

Vintage Luninarc black glass hen egg cups hold green plaid Easter eggs --How To Set A Fresh Fun Farmhouse Easter Table
The vintage Luminarc pressed-glass egg cups hold white wooden Easter eggs that I painted with a green plaid design to coordinate with the gingham.
Hand-painted plaid wooden Easter eggs --How To Set A Fresh Fun Farmhouse Easter Table
To make the plaid eggs, I first drew the grid for my design on the painted wooden eggs with a pencil. Then, I hand-painted the vertical and horizontal stripes, with green acrylic paint using two different sized paint brushes. The underside of an egg carton helped to stabilize the eggs and to prevent smudging while I painted them.

The green napkins are wrapped with black gingham ribbon and are adorned with a single Narcissus stem to tie in with the centerpiece. Green tumblers and beaded stainless flatware complete the place setting.

Green and black gingham table setting --How To Set A Fresh Fun Farmhouse Easter Table

As I mentioned, I had already made the centerpiece as part of my Spring decor. To dress it up for Easter, I flanked it with two vintage-inspired chocolate-mold lambs. (I purchased the lambs from Michaels early in the season but they are no longer available. However, you can easily find vintage lamb cake-molds on both Ebay and Etsy.) I love how these adorable silver lambs look alongside the galvanized basket.

Galvanized basket is flanked by vintage-inspired silver lamb chocolate molds --How To Set A Fresh Fun Farmhouse Easter Table

Unlike our Christmas and Thanksgiving meals which are always a dinner, our Easter celebration is usually a brunch. So, in addition to the place settings, I placed A glass egg plate, with more dyed and hand-painted eggs, as well as a chocolate bunny on a nest of Easter grass.

Chocolate bunny sits on a nest of Easter grass and hand-painted Easter eggs --How To Set A Fresh Fun Farmhouse Easter Table
The white eggs are wooden and embellished with a paint pen. The green eggs are real and are dyed and then decorated with a “Betty Crocker Easy Writer,” which is an edible food coloring marker.

And I also added an antique transferware coffeepot which, because of its all-over black and white country chintz design, fits in well the Farmhouse Easter theme.

Antique chintzware floral coffee pot --How To Set A Fresh Fun Farmhouse Easter Table

How To Set A Fresh Fun Farmhouse Easter Table With A Bit Of Gingham

How To Set A Fresh Fun Farmhouse Easter Table With A Bit Of Gingham
The black items on the Easter farmhouse table coordinate with the black buffet, dining chairs, light fixtures, and drapery fabric in my breakfast room. However, despite all the black, the green elements ensure that the table feels fresh, Springlike, and ready for a lovely Easter brunch.
A pair of distressed white ceramic bunnies supervise the Easter brunch from their lofty perch on the buffet --How To Set A Fresh Fun Farmhouse Easter Table
A pair of distressed white ceramic bunnies supervises the Easter brunch from their lofty perch on the buffet.

Whether you set your holiday table for brunch or dinner, it is easy to create a fresh fun farmhouse Easter table with the addition of a bit of gingham. And just like Dorothy, it is sure to make both you and your guests feel like “there’s no place like home.”

How To Set A Fresh Fun Farmhouse Easter Table With A Bit Of Gingham

How To Set A Modern Farmhouse Table For Easter With A Bit Of Gingham

Happy Easter!


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18 thoughts on “How To Set A Fresh Fun Farmhouse Easter Table With A Bit Of Gingham

  1. Lisa,
    I love your post. The black and white with green is beautiful together. The centerpiece is my favorite, it calls for spring. Which is good because it is so confused! Your teapot is to die for! Thank you for all the great ideas.

    1. Thanks, Deborah. You are so right about Spring. I feel like I have whiplash here. One day it’s near 80 and the next day it’s snowing! That’s why I am having Spring inside!

    1. Thanks so much, Sandra. We used to dye dozens of eggs when my kids were little. Now, not so much either. I hope you have a happy Easter.

  2. What a beautiful table! I’m so in love with those sheep! The eggs with the paint pen might be a great craft to do with my kids– they are probably still just a bit too young to handle dye

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