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Elegant Colorful Farmhouse Style Inspiration From The Inn At Half Mile Farm

Farmhouse style has been an extremely popular trend in interior design for quite some time. This popularity is not surprising because it’s casual, warm, family-friendly, and elegant in its simplicity. It generally has a neutral palette that blends well with other styles such as traditional or industrial. And in this high tech, high-intensity world we live in, it harkens back to a less complicated time which allows people to create a feeling of calm and serenity in their homes.

While I appreciate many of the elements of farmhouse style, I tend to prefer more color in my decor. A lot of the farmhouse interiors I have seen online, in magazines, and on design shows like “Fixer Upper” feature mostly monochromatic gray, cream, or beige palettes which offer little contrast or pattern. I am not knocking this aesthetic; it is easy to see the appeal of such a soothing and tranquil design; I just personally enjoy a more colorful environment.

Elegant Colorful Farmhouse Style--Elegant Colorful Farmhouse Style
The Inn At Half Mile Farm

Because of this color bias, I was surprised and delighted by the elegant and colorful farmhouse style I observed on a short getaway I recently took to the Inn At Half Mile Farm in the Western mountains of North Carolina. The way their designer blended fine antiques, more primitive pieces, and most of all, colorful rugs and fabrics to create a warm and lively farmhouse decor impressed me no end. I love the look so much that I might now be a farmhouse style convert.

The Farmhouse Decor

Colorful fabrics and artwork enliven the sitting room at the Inn At Half Mile Farm--Elegant Colorful Farmhouse Style

The common sitting room at the inn is a brightly-hued and lovely space to sip hot tea or cider and nibble on the complimentary cookies which are always available to guests. The floral pattern on the wing chairs and throw pillows blends well with the muted coral colored rug, and the kilim covered bench.

Kilim covered bench adds additional color and pattern to the sitting room at Half Mile Farm Inn --Elegant Colorful Farmhouse Style

The oriental rugs scattered throughout the inn offer more punches of color and pattern to engage your eye.

vibrant floral fabric enliven a sitting area at the Inn At Half Mile Farm --Elegant Colorful Farmhouse Style
The vibrant floral throw pillows and charming fabric on this pair of armchairs enliven yet another sitting area which is adjacent to the dining room and demonstrates that you don’t need a lot of color to spark up an otherwise neutral palette.
Beautifully upholstered chairs at the Inn At Half Mile Farm ----Elegant Colorful Farmhouse Style
I absolutely love the fabric on these fabulous antique (or antique-looking?) chairs. The backs of the chairs are particularly interesting.

This pair of over-sized black wrought iron sconces adds contrast and design to the shiplap covered wall at the end of the dining room. Color is also brought onto the wall in the dynamic painting of red chairs.

The Garden Room is pretty neutral, but it is accented with colorful artwork. It’s also packed with visually interest details like the pair of oversized candlesticks on the large farmhouse table that sits in the center of the room. The light-filled room features a vaulted ceiling and set of three amazing wooden chandeliers.


The decor of each of the beautiful guest rooms is unique, but the common denominator in most of them is the color provided by bold print fabrics and rugs. These accents create a perfect foil for the white walls, hardwood floors, and crisp white bedding.

Source: The Inn At Half Mile Farm
Source: The Inn At Half Mile Farm
Source: The Inn At Half Mile Farm

The Cabins’ Decor

In addition to the guest rooms in the farmhouse, the property has three authentic 1800’s guest cabins. While these cabins have their own more rustic style, color and pattern are still essential elements in their design. This commitment to color is evident even from the outside of the buildings as the weathered wood exteriors are brightened up with touches of red trim.

The log and chinking walls in the interior of some of the cabins create a dynamic pattern on the walls.

The artful use of different black and white patterns such as the buffalo check on the pillows, the ticking on the curtains, the cow print and plaid rugs adds so much contrast and interest to the otherwise plain white walls of the cabin’s large master suite.

bathroom in the master suite in one of the cabins at the Inn At Half Mile Farm --Elegant Colorful Farmhouse Style
The black and white theme is carried into the quaint cabin master bathroom in the windowpane fabric on the under-sink skirting.

All of the pops of color, pattern and design detail in the decor of the Inn at Half Mile Farm create an atmosphere that is warm, welcoming and a feast for the eye. It is a showcase for a colorful brand of farmhouse style that appeals to me and makes me want to return to the Inn again and again. (Although, I have to confess that the complimentary cookies might have something to do with it too!)

An artful and delicious display of complimentary cookies in the sitting room --Elegant And Colorful Farmhouse Style
An artful and delicious cookie bar entices guest to relax and indulge in the Inn’s comfortable sitting room.

If you are interested in visiting the Inn At Half Mile Farm in Highlands, North Carolina, you may be interested in my post about what to do on a getaway to Highlands:

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20 thoughts on “Elegant Colorful Farmhouse Style Inspiration From The Inn At Half Mile Farm

    1. Thanks, Cathy. I think there are a lot of great ideas to be gleaned from The Half Mile Farm Inn. I would love to go up sometime during the holidays to see how they decorate for Christmas!

  1. Such a beautiful Inn. I love the Farmhouse look but agree that the white grey, beige does not appeal to me. These rooms invite you in to relax and be cozy. Thank you for sharing them.

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on the more colorful farmhouse style of the Half Mile Farm Inn. I am so glad that you enjoyed the photos.

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I would urge you to make a reservation at The Half Mile Farm. I know you won’t be disappointed.

  2. Thank you for sharing this loveliness. I have been debating on chalk painting my bedroom furniture in black, I think this sealed the deal!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. I absolutely love black painted furniture. I am so happy that you enjoyed the post and that the fabulous farmhouse decor at the Inn At Half Mile Farm has inspired you.

  3. What a beautiful Inn! It reminds me quite a bit of traditional English country style which incorporates warm colour tones into a farmhouse style. A gorgeous Inn and a gorgeous location, too!

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I am glad you enjoyed my pic of The Half Mile Farm’s decor. It is one of my favorite places to get away.

    1. Thanks so much, Nina. It is a beautiful place. I am dreaming about booking one of those cabins for a family reunion someday.

    1. Thanks so much, Paula, for taking the time to comment. There is something about the beautiful mountains of North Carolina that always relaxes and refreshes me. I hope you do have the opportunity to visit Highlands someday. I know it will have the same affect on you.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment, Cindy. As you can tell, I love Christmas decorating. I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you very much for your kind comment. You are so right about how bright and airy the Inn feels. It truly is a lovely place to stay.

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