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Riddle Me A Valentine’s Tablescape

Back in the dark ages when I was a child, kids exchanged Valentines with everyone in their class. These valentines often featured corny puns or goofy riddles. So in the spirit of this old-fashioned tradition, I ask, “What is black and white and red all over?” The answer: my Valentine’s tablescape. After just finishing up… Continue reading Riddle Me A Valentine’s Tablescape

Holidays · Party/Tablescapes

A Fun & Festive Casual Christmas Table

On Christmas Day I always prepare a formal dinner with china, silver, and crystal in the dining room. However, on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, our immediate family celebrates around the kitchen table. This is always a fun table to decorate because, since it’s a more Casual Christmas Table, I can afford to play around… Continue reading A Fun & Festive Casual Christmas Table

Holidays · Party/Tablescapes

A Nature-Inspired Elegant Thanksgiving Tablescape

The first week in November is typically the time that I begin to plan my Thanksgiving tablescape. However, lately, it seems like Thanksgiving is getting the bum’s rush. Nowadays the stores are filled with Christmas decor by mid-October or even earlier. And as soon as Halloween has come and gone, it feels like we are… Continue reading A Nature-Inspired Elegant Thanksgiving Tablescape

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Fall Harvest Tablescape

According to the calendar, it’s October. Unfortunately, it doesn’t feel the least little bit like fall in North Carolina this year. The thermostat hasn’t dropped below the mid-eighties, and the leaves are firmly clinging to their branches with no change of color in sight. However, even though Mother Nature hasn’t gotten the memo, autumn is upon… Continue reading Fall Harvest Tablescape

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An Impromptu Outdoor Dining Table For Two

The weather here has been utterly oppressive with back to back days in the mid-nineties for the last several weeks. However, a front came through last night and gifted us with a beautiful sunny day with low humidity and a relatively mild high of 85°. In celebration of this unexpected but much-appreciated weather, I decided to… Continue reading An Impromptu Outdoor Dining Table For Two